Automotive Courses

Automotive Courses

The Certificate Program gives you the training and work experience you need to fully prepare for Specialty and Master Mechanic certification exams. And the Associate Program takes your career to the next level. It prepares you for certification in 5 of the 8 ASE areas — and builds your business and management skills.

Course List

AST 102 Engine Performance I
An introduction to engine fault diagnosis, adjustment and repair. Reviews computerized engine controls, ignition systems, fuel/air systems, and exhaust systems.

AST 103 Engine Performance II
More on engine fault diagnosis and adjustment/repair. Emission controls, ignition timing effects, exhaust gas analysis, and advanced engine services are studied.

AST 106 Introduction to Automotive Service

AST 111A Introduction to Automotive Electrical
Covers basic electrical/electronic theory, types of circuits, system components, test equipment operation, and basic electrical/electronic fault diagnosis.

AST 112B Electrical/Electronic Systems I
The tools and techniques used to diagnose and service batteries, charging systems, starting systems, switches, relays and solenoids.

AST 113 Electrical/Electronic Systems II
This covers advanced diagnosis/service for electrical accessories, as well as safety precautions. Tools and equipment used are also covered.

AST 121 Engine Repair I

AST 122 Engine Repair II

AST 201 Applied Engineering Technology
Introduces the principles of trigonometry and physics, and how they are applied to mechanical, fluid, or thermal systems.

AST 211 Introduction to Hybrid Vehicles

AST 221A Automotive Brake Service
The design and operation of drum and disc brake systems. You’ll diagnose system problems, and machine/rebuild various system components.

AST 231A Automotive Suspension/Steering
Examines steering, suspension and drive systems for front and rear drive vehicles. You’ll learn about components and systems and service procedures.

AST 241A Heating/Air Conditioning
Covers heating and air conditioning system theories, troubleshooting, and servicing, along with basic shop safety and environmental concerns and procedures.

AST 251 Automatic Transmission and Transaxle
Focuses on front-wheel drive transaxles and components. Fundamentals and operation are reviewed as well as common faults and servicing procedures.

AST 261 Manual Drive Train and Axles
Investigates manual drive trains including components: transmissions, drive shafts, differentials, and drive axles. Diagnosis and troubleshooting are discussed.

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