Diesel Courses

The Certificate Program trains you for all major medium- and heavy-duty systems — while it fully prepares you for the certification exam you’ll need to get a good job. And the Associate Program prepares you for multiple technical certifications, and provides other business and workplace skills that’ll help you build your salary — and your career.

Course List

DSL 101 Diesel Engine Theory
Discusses theory and operation of fuel, compression, and other systems. Major components are examined as background to viewing the engine as a system.

DSL 106 Diesel Shop Practices

DSL 116 Introduction to Diesel Electrical

DSL 141 Diesel Electrical/Electronic Systems I
Electrical system basics, including lighting, accessories, motor-driven components — and especially, computer controlled electronics.

DSL 142 Diesel Electrical/Electronic Systems II
Focuses on advanced diagnostics, including computerized testing/analysis. Also examines hybrid and fuel-cell systems and navigation systems.

DSL 171 Diesel Engine Repair
Engine diagnosis and repair focuses on cylinder heads, upper engine, intake and exhaust. Cooling, lubrication, block, sleeves, and crankshafts are also covered.

DSL 181 Introduction to Diesel Maintenance and Repair
Introduces preventative maintenance and inspection practices for brakes, wheels, suspension, and steering. Also introduces preventative maintenance planning.

DSL 221 Heavy Duty Brake Service
Focuses on tractor and trailer air brake system design and operation. You’ll diagnoses system problems, and machine and rebuild various components.

DSL 231 Heavy Duty Suspension/Steering
Examines suspension and drive systems for single- and dual-axle tractors. Steering and suspension are discussed, along with diagnosis, repair, and alignment.

DSL 241 Heavy Duty Heating/Air Conditioning
Focuses on cab heating and cooling. Prepares you for state Automotive Heating/Air Conditioning License exams, as well as EPA 609 certification.

DSL 251 Auxiliary Systems
Focuses on systems used in bussing. Topics and equipment covered include doors and lifts, audio/video systems, passenger lighting, and comfort controls.

DSL 261 Heavy Duty Drive Trains
Focuses on manual transmission drivetrains. Covers diagnosis, service and repair for transmissions, transfer boxes, clutches, and single and dual rear drive axles.

DSL 271 Diesel Engine Performance
Basic diesel fault diagnosis, adjustment, and repair. Topics include computerized controls, fuel systems, turbochargers/superchargers and diagnostic equipment.

DSL 281 Heavy Duty Bus/Truck Maintenance
Focuses on preventative maintenance for engines and other systems. Coverage includes inspection, diagnosis and repair for brakes, wheels, suspension and steering.

DSL 291 Hydraulics
Focuses on heavy-duty hydraulic system maintenance, inspection, and repair. Topics and equipment include pumps, filtration, hoses, fittings, valves, and actuators.

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